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This homepage has information on the Pan-Macedonian Youth Association. We have links to almost all other Macedonian pages. We also have links to other resources which offer information on both Greece and Macedonia. This page is always under construction. If you wouild like to add your page to our link list please mail me, with your URL and a brief description of your page.

This is a picture of an icon of Pavlos Melas a war hero from Athens who first raised awareness of the Macedonian cause. Click on the picture to see a larger version of it.

This is a picture of Alexander the Great. The young ruler of Ancient Macedonia who in his short life time, conquered the known world. Click on the picture to see a larger version of it.

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Would you like to see a timeline of Macedonia's history?

The Pan-Macedonian Youth Association Inc. was started in 1984-5, to unite Macedonian chapters of the United States and Canada. Click here to learn more about the goals and basic philosophy of the Association.

Are you interested in starting your ownchapter? The youth has recently compiled a Frequently asked Questions and Answers list which outlines a few of the more general steps to be taken in forming a chapter. It also gives advice and ideas for events, and other youth functions.

Macedonia is a province of Greece. Click here to see a map of modern day Greece with a pronounciation guide.

This is a lists of sites which offer information on Macedonia:

Pan-Macedonian Network:

This is the offical Web Server of the Pan-Macedonian Association.

Macedonia and Diaspora:

This page has detailed information, on Macedonia and offers a large image archive.

Macedonia: History and Politics:

This page offers an overview of Macedonian history.

Makedonia is Greek:

This page tells the true story of Macedonia, and makes a protest against FYROM.

The Vision of "Greater Macedonia":

This is a page which takes an indepth look at the Skopjian expansionist ideology.

About Macedonia:

This is a page which has more information and graphics. It also has a large source of online resources.

Macedonian FAQ, Hellenic:

This is a FAQ on the current Macedonian issue.

American Hellenic Media Project:

This project was initiated to correct the falsehoods which were occasionaly found in the media.

Thessaloniki, Northern Greece:

This page contains both historical and contemporary information on Thessaloniki, the largest Greek city in Macedonia.

This is a lists of sites which offer more general information on Greece:

Hellas On-Line Pages:

This page offers information and links to other pages.

Alexander the Great:

This page offers information on Alexander the Great.

Alexander the Great's Homepage:

This is another page which also offers information on Alexander the Great.

Perseus Page:

This is the best on-line source for ancient texts.

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