Corporate Bodies of Kria Vrissi

There are four Corporate Bodies in Kria Vrissi(one of them is more like an association).

Town Corporation of Social and Cultural
Development of Kria Vrissi

Founded in 1993

Aims: The Cultural and social development of Kria Vrissi and the entire area of the Valley of Kria Vrissi

Activities : Up to now the corporation has to present plently of action. It has organised the "Cultural September" and it has played the role of the coordinator of other activities as well. For example: Seminars for Parents and educators. Each year in cooperation on with the local authorities it organises the Carnival.

It also does all the electronic work. It has undertaking the development of this Web Page.

Centre of Protection
for Elder People

Founded in 1993

Aims : To provide a place where people of the same age could gather change opinions, organise activities, to provide medical care.

Activities : The centre takes part in the activities of the Carnival, organises the "Table For the Old people" which takes place during the Cultural September. It organises excursions and trips. In general, it is a very active member of our society. Soon the centre is going to have it's own place.

Blood Bank
of Municipality of Kria Vrissi

Founded in 1994

Aim : The Blood Bank aims to provide blood to persons who need it.

Activities : Many people have offered blood to the bank, so that a great number of blood-bottles has been collected. Many times people who needed blood(from Kria Vrissi or the entire area) were helped.

Corporation of Water
Supplying Drainage

Founded in 1996

Aims : To provide citizens with water supplying and drainage

Activities : None yet, because it has just been Founded.

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