The cultural activities in Kria Vrissi are :

. Clubs of Culture

There are two clubs of Culture : "Alexandros Ipsilantis" whose members came from Pontus and "Pirros" whose membercome from Epiros. There are dancing teams which children can join to learn dancing mostly traditional dances. These clubs take part in the National Parades and in various municipal activities.

Particularly the Cultural Club of Pontus owns a small historic archieves of great material and historical importance.

Both of the clubs rest in the Cultural Centre of Kria Vrissi.

. Cultural Activities

They are:

Needs for Cultural

Kria Vrissi needs to be finacially supported by the governments. But the governments seem to be obsent when they are needed. All the cultural activitiesoccur through Finacial support that comes from the local citizens and the Town Council.

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