I m m i g r a n t s

As we have already reported, Kria Vrissi as well as the entire area, has paid the price of immigration. Consequently, many people who come from this area, live abroad.

But Internet has made a miracle. It has brought them close to us. There are many people who have a connection in Internet(unfortunately we don't Know all of them).

We give you some Internet Addresses of people in this area who are contributors to Internet. Make a "Double Click" and get into their page.

What we want from you, who got into our page, and are from the entire area(of Kria Vrissi), is to send us,if you want, your E-Mail address or your Web Page URL, so we can put it into our page and we can have a direct contact.

The Connection with Immigrants
Tsouflidis Dimitrios & Municipality of Kria Vrissi
Nikos Papachristou (U.S.A.)
Sofia Xatzikonstantinidou (Sweden)
Web Page of Sofia (Sweden)
Savvas Konstantinidis (Akrolimni)
Natasa Tsikatsiadou (Canada)
Web Page of Savvas Konstantinidis(Akrolimni)
Babis Sarigiannidis (Kria Vrissi)
Fotini Papadopoulou (Kria Vrissi)
School of Languages "Elite" .Sidiropoulou-Delhaye(Kria Vrissi)
Olivier Delhaye (Kria Vrissi)
This is my Internet Address.Please put it at this table

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