There are different Kinds of Clubs in Kria Vrissi where someone with his/her friends or by him/herself can have fun by listening to the music(there are clubs with all kinds of music). Of course, there are clubs, where someone can enjoy his/her coffee, all day long, or play computer games. These clubs are :

"Domus"(A public refreshment club
It was constructed by the local Authorities and it is let out to citizens. It is an open area for the whole family. It is placed in a beautiful park with playground, fountain and plenty of grass and trees. We say it's for the whole family because in this open area a family can enjoy coffee, pizza, ice-cream, e.t.c. . The interior part of the club is appropriately formed for those who love Greek Music. The upper part of the club , which is used in summer, is full of young people mostly.
Phone Number:(0382) 62.557

Club Morroko
It is located in the central square of our Town(Alexander the Great Street). It is the most favourite club for young people, especially in winter. Nobody can actually describe how much people enjoy themselves there.

Club "Unexpected"(Aproopto)
Many unexpected things can happen there. Many young people, older than 25-25 years old, go there during winter. It is located on King Paul's Street(Main Street).

Club "Chroniko"
It is the most favourite club during summer. People who go there are between 13 to 44 years old. The place, where it is located, is ideal for summer months. It is on the corner of Themistocles and Athens Street.

Cafe-Pizza "Ancient"
It is in the square of Kria Vrissi, on the Themistocles Street. Someone can enjoy his/her coffee(After 10:00 a.m.). Pizza, ice-cream are also served. There is a small playground for younger clients.

Pizza "Bellisimo"
It is on the corner of Themistokles and Alexander the Great Street. It deliver pizza at home.

Cafe "Sante"
A very well decorated place on the 25th MArch Street. There, someone can enjoy his/her coffee or drink, during the whole day. You can also play various table-games, even cards.
There are more Cafe'-Cafeterias, e.t.c. but we can't refer to all of them due to lack of space.

There are too many of them in Kria Vrissi. Some of them are :

Taverna " Takis "
It is on King Paul's street. It is considered to be one of the best tavernas in Kria Vrissi and in Central Macedonia(Macedonia is and will be Greek). A visitor could have a special meal, a meal that would come up to his expectations.

Taverna "Musician's Place
It is a graphic Taverna in the central square of Kria Vrissi(25th March Street). It opens in the morning and serves sea food, among others.

A well-Known Fast Food is "Time Out" on King Paul's stree. It is a nice place, worth talking about.

We must add again that there more Tavernas and Fast Food in Kria Vrissi but we can't refer to all of them unfortunately.
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