Works - Finances

This moment Kria Vrissi is like a worksite. All municipal's works are under the stage of construction. Here are the main of them :

Sewage System and Biological Cleaning System
of Kria Vrissi

The most important work for the Municipipality of Kria Vrissi is the Sewage System and the Biological Cleaning System. The total work includes 42km of sewer pipe and 46km for the rain water. The project also providing the construction of Biological Cleaning System. The total budget is 3.500.000.000 drhm

For the moment the B.C.S. has already been constructed and is under of function. The sewer pipe is in the stage of manufacturing (36km are ready). The pipe for the rain's water is also at the stage of manufacturing(4km are ready). We have to mention the contribution of Municipality of Kria Vrissi in to Cohesion Fund.

Ecological Park
of Kria Vrissi

Municipality of Kria Vrissi within the framework of Leader Initiative implements the Ecological Park. The Total budget is 350.000.000 drhm. The main purpose of this work is the promotion of new cultivation technics and biologic agriculture methods. This park is the only in hole Greece.

There are completed all nessecary infastractives : Biologic Farm (10 acre), the sport facilities are under manufacturing.

The three buildings of the Ecological Farm (There are completed) are :

  1. Administration Building
    Provide services for quality inspection and certification of products, laboratory for soil and chemical analysis. Also accomodate the Local and Regional Agency of Kria Vrissi and an office of the Ministry of Agriculture.

  2. Accomodations Buildings
    20 rooms for the guests(researchers, advisors, agronomist). Also for the promotion of Agrotourism.

  3. Conference-Restaurant
    Centre for seminars and speaches for the farmers. Also is a restaurant.

Pedestrian Zone

At the end of 1995 Municipality of Kria Vrissi under the guiding of a Team of Academy Teachers from the Aristotel University of Thessaloniki started the manufacturing of the Pedestrian Zone at the central square. The main target is the urban and traffic upgrading of Kria Vrissi. The work will be completed at the end of 1996. Total budget 150.000.000 drhm.


For the Finacial year 1996 the budget is high, almost 820.000.000 drhm. Analytically:

I n c o m e                                 E x p e n s e s  
Real estate income               3.000.000| Special categories reward    18.358.689
Rural estate income              2.700.000| Contributions to Insurance   16.603.955 
Public Trade income              6.000.000| Levy expenses                 1.865.570
Cemetery income                  5.000.000| Communications                7.400.000
Slaughter Houses                 1.350.000| General Expenses              2.900.000
Services                        60.690.000| Services                    675.620.000
Taxes-Duties-Contributions      25.500.000| Payments                     48.187.787
Regular income                 137.000.000| Loan payments                17.000.000
Non interest loan icome         10.000.000| Other expenses                7.153.902
Allowances                     509.397.725| Reserve Fund                  7.471.941
Fines Deposites                  5.000.000|                             ------------ 
Special income                   5.774.119| Total                       821.411.844
Previous years income           35.000.000|
Ballance of account             15.000.000|
Total                         821.411.844 |    

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